Urgent Care Physician In A Car Accident

Urgent Care Physician Breaks Neck In Car Accident

On a Tuesday afternoon, an urgent care physician was in an automobile accident on her way home. The next morning when she got to work, she had x-rays taken to be sure there were no serious injuries. The center she works at uses a local hospital radiology group for x-ray reads so the images were sent off to them that day.

Since it was a holiday weekend, the radiology group was only available to read emergency room x-rays from Thursday through Sunday. The physician spent the weekend in severe pain, trying to go about her normal schedule unaware of the damage from the accident.

Finally on Monday morning, she received the read back. She had been walking around with a broken neck for six days while waiting on her x-ray reads!

She quickly realized that if her center had used Teleradiology Specialists for their x-ray reads, she would have had a diagnosis from the image within 20 minutes.

So she gave us a call.

Faster turnaround times. Lower Cost. That’s Teleradiology Specialists.

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