Urgent Care Radiology

Built to Meet the Needs of Urgent Care Radiology

High quality urgent care radiology interpretations and urgent care x-ray readings that providers can trust.

Urgent Care Radiology

High Quality Assurance

Our board-certified radiologists deliver fast results while operating the most rigorous quality assurance program in the industry.

Urgent Care Radiology

Mobile Technology

With OnePacs our clients can view exams and reports from any computer or portable device. Even large scans can be fully retrieved for viewing in less than a minute.

Urgent Care Radiology

State License

Licensed in all 50 states, our team of physicians and supporting staff are dedicated to providing the best teleradiology services to the Urgent Care, Mobile Medical, and Family Practice markets.

Teleradiology Specialists provides many services for your Urgent Care, Primary Care, and Occupational Health Radiology needs

Quick Readings

Turnaround times for readings average 30 minutes or less

Best Value

Competitive pricing and customizable report options

US - Based Support

Radiologists available extended hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year


How does Teleradiology monitor quality?
Dr. Cohen does quality assurance review of every case that comes in for re-read. Radiologists on staff are also periodically tasked with completing a “teaching file” to provide continuing education for team members.
How competitive is your pricing?
Most clients pay less than $10 per read but still get customized reports, including critical findings analysis, auto fax, and auto email.
How can we get in touch with Teleradiology?
Our client support/help desk is available to customers 7/365. Clients can reach our radiologists for follow-up via phone, live chat, instant messaging, or encrypted email.
How does the technology work?
The OnePacs system we use allows referring physicians to view exams and reports from any computer or portable device. Or, providers may choose to download and install a small software application to their computer. The program will then automatically download and store any completed exam the physician has ordered.

Reasons to Choose Us

  1. 1
    Licensed in all 50 states
  2. 2
    Quick, Accurate Readings
  3. 3
    Personal Service
  4. 4
    Best Value
  5. 5
    Live Support 365 Days/Year

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